I liked your clothes until I saw you naked
in front of your closet you were small and
feeble and I kept thinking how could you
ever wear all of those and still be naked?

I remember the first time I opened your
passenger door and you said to me what
do you think of my car you’re an attractive
lessee for sure but it wasn’t really yours.

I stole the money from under your mattress
before I left last night it’s here with me in
my hands like unrolled wedding rings I
wonder if you know about hermit crabs.

I loved the time when you hadn’t shaved
and you smelled like pee and you fucked
me you were so drunk unashamed there
was no agreement then only agreement.

I smelled you before I left and it was soap
it wasn’t you so I took your money and
bought a bus ticket to where lungs own
the smoke before they breathe it out.

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