Startle…The Startup Startup!


We get your idea going…because turtles are slow, and you shouldn’t be!  


When CEO and Founder Kevin Watson started Startle, he knew he had to find just the right font.  But once he found it, he thought, what will my business even be?  Enter Startle, the full-service startup consultation startup by millennials for millennials.  Not only are we the leading startup startup, we are also the leading startup with a turtle for a logo!


At Startle, we use words like team player, strategic, and cross-functionally.  We use them all the time, especially in meetings, and especially at the snack table!  We employ nothing but rockstars.  We use a full range of fonts tailored to your startup, including many that look handwritten, and many that look like Helvetica with one or two things changed.

we partner with potential

Thinking of ideas is hard, but creating a startup shouldn’t be!  That’s why we set out to use our years of college internship experience to provide you with a strategic arsenal of startup-starting tools…to bring that underdeveloped or nonexistent idea right into a converted New York City warehouse, along with a host of colorful furniture and smiling millennials eating free snacks!

we learn who you are

Startlers know better than anyone that what you do is who you are, and our team of self-startling team players are prepared to figure that out!  Go ahead and put your feet up (unless you’re as into metrics as we are!) and drink an artisanal coffee while we bring your idea to life.  Whether it’s still in your head, not quite there, or never going to occur to you at all…we’re there to help make that idea into a startup!

we will find you

Our team of like-minded millennials will find you…because we believe that great startups begin with proactive partners!  You might not know the details yet, but we’re already working to find out just where you’re at, what your core values are, and how to use your personal background strategically!  Next we’ll bring you into our beautiful glass-walled office, sit you down on our comfy plush couch, and tell you exactly what we’re going to do.  Every. Step. Of. The. Way.  You’re just going to LOVE it. (we promise)

we will get you

At Startle, we have one priority:  to get you.

That means we’ve got the tools to learn exactly what you’re thinking…and know exactly what you’ll do next.  We’ve got data.  Big data.  And we’ll use all of it—including your Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and anything else we can find—so that when you reach out for help, we’ll already be grabbing your arm.  But don’t take our word for it!  Our clients know better than anyone just how fast we’ll shoot you a response if you’re asking for it, so stop by our beautiful, quiet office and meet them sometime (they’re always here).

Anyway, it’s getting close to lunchtime, and we’ve got to go feed a couple of hungry (and adorable!) office dogs, but first we’d just like to make you the same promise we made to all our partners.  We are Startle, and we will get you.  

Thanks so much for visiting our website!  We can’t wait to bring you in.